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Sponsored by The Alumni Fund.
Each year, thanks to our generous alumni who donate to the Alumni Fund, there has been up to £100,000 to award to worthy projects and initiatives. The purpose of the Alumni Fund is to enhance and enrich student experience by providing financial support to clubs, societies, academic projects and new facilities, all of which will help our students to become well-rounded individuals.
The Commission has the right of initiative to propose laws for adoption by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU (national ministers). In most cases, the Commission makes proposals to meet its obligations under the EU treaties, or because another EU institution, country or stakeholder has asked it to act. From April 2012, EU citizens may also call on the Commission to propose laws (European Citizens’ Initiative)
Before making proposals, the Commission consults widely so that stakeholders' views can be taken into account. In general, an assessment of the potential economic, social and environmental impact of a given piece of legislation act is published along with the proposal itself.
The principles of subsidiarity and proportionality mean that the EU may legislate only where action is more effective at EU level than at national, regional or local level, and then no more than necessary to attain the agreed objectives.
Once EU legislation has been adopted, the Commission ensures that it is correctly applied by the EU member countries.
At Aberdeen, asset management is our business.
We are a pure asset management company and only manage assets for third parties, allowing us to focus solely on their needs. We now manage £193.6 billion of third party assets from our offices around the world, as at 31 December 2013. Our clients access our investment expertise drawn from three main asset classes: equities, fixed income and property, as well as tailored solutions. We package our skills in the form of segregated and pooled products across borders. We invest worldwide and follow a predominantly long-only approach, based on fundamentally sound investments – we do not chase market fads. Our investment teams are based in the markets or regions in which they invest. Clients understand our process and portfolios because they are transparent.

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