"Reviewing Millennium Development Goals - On the Right Path to a Sustainable Future?"
30th and 31st January 2015
Pullman St Pancras Hotel, London

The Millennium Development Goals is an UN-initiative to tackle global issues by the year 2015 in collaboration of all UN-member states. In today’s globalized world it is essential to strengthen the link between policy makers and leaders of society to foster economic growth, political stability and environmental protection. Solving pressing global issues involves the cooperation beyond national and disciplinary frontiers. The London Economics Symposium 2015 will analyse how effectively the Millennium Development Goals have been achieved from an economic and political standpoint and how global partnership can contribute to successfully tackle some of today’s world challenges. Whilst the Friday event will be directed towards environmental, social, demographic and financial sustainability, the Saturday event will emphasize the economic perspective of global partnership focusing on education, technology and trade. The London Economics Symposium seeks to inspire young global thinkers to creative and critical problem solving as well as innovative and socially responsible entrepreneurship.